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14 Top Year-End Tax Moves For Individuals In 2014

Although 2014 is coming to a close over the next several weeks, there is still time to make moves to save on your 2014 taxes. This article originally appeared here on our Featured News page, but we thought the information was so good it deserved a prominent spot on our blog as well. Remember that even making one of the 14 moves below could potentiall..

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How the Balance of Power Affects Wall Street

How the Balance of Power Affects Wall Street

Graphic From USA Today November 4, 2014

Now that the midterm elections are safely behind us, a lot of people are wondering how politics will impact their investment returns.  The conventional wis..

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How to Find a Financial Advisor That Puts Your Interests First

Finding a financial advisor that you not only feel comfortable with, but most importantly, that you trust to manage your investments is not always an easy task.

With so many different types of “advisors” vying for your business, it can be confusing to filter out the noise to pick the right one. Broker, Registered Representative, Investment Advisor, Fee-Only Financial Advisor –what’s the differe..

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